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About Microsys Technologies Solutions

Most businesses these days operate in hyper-competitive scenarios. Hyper-growth and increasing profit margins come out as primary goals. This calls for continuous innovation and improvements in business processes, models, objectives and goals. To achieve this, it is imperative that the applications that run at the core of the business keep running smoothly, defect-free and are open to enhancements whenever required. Having a team by your side who lives and breathes SAP, acts as an extension to the internal team, who can ramp-up and ramp-down quickly to manage ad-hoc demands and most importantly help unlock funding for Strategic projects do bring in significant benefits. These benefits include:

Why AMS?

Total Cost of Ownership

Typically, 60 – 70% of the IT budgets are allocated to maintenance and support of ERP Applications irrespective of the size of the company. Having a specialized SAP support partner by your side can significantly reduce this cost and improve the service levels at the same time and enables better resource allocation at the same time.

Resources Supply and Demand

The demand for SAP support resources constantly changes with business needs and has its peak and troughs. The business may need a particular skillset only for a few months in a year. A support partner can help you escape the pain of having your internal team work round the clock during these peaks.

Retaining the top talent and utilizing them to the best

Attracting top SAP talent is in itself is a very daunting task. On top of it, these specialists are always looking for new and challenging work on the upcoming technologies. The best way to retain the top talent is to keep feeding them with strategic initiatives while leveraging the Partner expertise for day-to-day mundane tasks.

Quality and Consistency

A dedicated SAP support group ensures quality and consistency. By applying right industry standards, following best practices and implementing proven methodologies in right way is very important for managing SAP. The right support Partner who is specialized at doing this and knows every single step of the process will reduce risks and unexpected outcomes drastically.

Staying ahead of disruption

Business environments are changing rapidly. There is a need to fundamentally rethink every business process on an ongoing basis. The need of the hours is to have a specialized partner by your side who can not only ensure that the existing systems in place run smoothly but also brainstorm with you on the newer technologies and how these technologies can provide business benefits. The role of the SAP Support partner is no longer just to reduce maintenance cost and improve service levels but to work closely with the Business and help them achieve